We restore vintage racing and touring bikes from the 70’s/80’s/90’s.

SARBICI was established in 2011 by two siblings who share an obsession with vintage Italian racing bicycles.



Our range of bikes



Carlton, Chris Marshal, Cougar, Claud Butler, Carlton, Cinelli, Columbus

Bob Jackson, Botteccia, Bianchi, British Eagle, BSA

Dawes, Dave Hinde, Diamant

Faggin, Falcon

Gazelle, Giant, Gitane, Graham Weigh


Kalkhoff, Koga Miyata


Nigel Dean

Olmo, Orbit

Peugeot, Puch

Raleigh, Ribble, R.J. Quinn

Terry Dolan, Tierney, Tommasini


Our contacts 

We welcome collaborations with others who are interested in vintage cycling.

For more information on orders, custombuilts and everything else email us on info@sarbici.co.uk